The Mysterious Case of the Tidied Pi 4

If you’ve read the other blog post, you’ll have seen how I built a Pi4 machine before the RISC OS port was ready by using the ACE4U form-factor hub, but it was a bit untidy, so I decided to modify a case for it.

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Build Your Own RISC OS on Pi4 System Before the Port is Ready!

On a long drive back from the SouthWest Show, where RISCOSopen and Chris Hall had been demonstrating a Raspberry Pi 4 running RISC OS, I had been thinking about how I could convert my current Pi 4 networked system into something a bit tidier.

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QupZilla- making it more RISC OS

QupZilla, as ported to RISC OS by Chris Gransden, is a nice browser for RISC OS, but it lacks a few of the basics that RISC OS users have come to expect: an iconbar icon; some indicator of it doing something during the long pause when loading; and a little bit more speed! Even as is, it still feels faster than Otter.

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Using Wispy

So, Wispy has flown the coop and is out in the big wide world! With much assistance and programming by Matthew from Sine Nomine, and Glen from XSLTPro.

When myself and Matthew attempted to demonstrate it at the RISC OS London Show in October, it proved difficult due to it running on (and inside!) a Pi-Top laptop with RISC OS. The problem with this is it’s not possible to connect the Pi-Top to an external display or a projector. So some very hamfisted wielding of a Pi Zero camera showed off the basics, but not necessarily the full extent of what Wispy can do. Continue reading

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Build your own GeminX for RISC OS


GeminX was something I needed. Still need. It allows me to run Windows in a window in RISC OS. I dabbled with the idea of releasing it as a product, but along the way, it’s hit a few brick walls.

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Element14’s Pi Desktop and RISC OS


The Pi Desktop is a new “desktop case” for the Raspberry Pi from element14, which was initially purchased with the intent of replacing the very dwindling stocks of the PiSSD! machine. Whilst it looks to be very similar in concept, it’s not quite in the same class, but then again, it’s not in the same price range.

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